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Interventional Nephrology Training Centers provide true patient experience and in-depth understanding of interventional nephrology training experience to doctors in different regions of the world.

The aim of Interventional Nephrology Training Centers is for trainees from low and middle-income countries to develop sound expertise in interventional nephrology to provide better quality of care for dialysis patients in their home country and eventually train others in their turn.

Selected centers will host Interventional Nephrology trainees from low and middle-income countries for Foundation courses (2-4 weeks) or for Advanced courses (3 months). ISN will support these trainees with a grant to contribute to their travel, accommodation and living costs during the training.

Selected centers will receive a provisional approval as Interventional Nephrology Training Centers for a year, which will be extended to 5 years after submission of a quality assurance report. At the end of this period, selected centers will have the option to re-apply to remain an Interventional Nephrology Training Center.

Apply to become an ISN Interventional Nephrology Training Center:

Institutions from any countries (low, middle and high income countries) are eligible to apply.

Interested centers should have a minimum of 2-year experience in Interventional Nephrology and performed at least 200 specific Interventional Nephrology procedures in the last 12 months.

The deadline to apply is October 15.

Regional Training Centers serve as ISN beacons within a region. The program director and senior staff at these centers are expected to be active members of the ISN community with full ISN Membership.

Tips for a successful application:

Please make sure you read the guidelines carefully as they include key information for a successful application.

To be successful, applications should demonstrate the institution’s passion and capability for training doctors and health professionals in kidney care from surrounding low-resource areas and manifest continued involvement in ISN capacity-building activities.

If your center is interested in becoming an ISN Interventional Nephrology Training Center, please complete the application form. If you do not have an account already, please create a new one by clicking on the "Sign Up" button on the right of this page.

Please do not hesitate to contact the ISN Programs Team at for any questions you may have.


The ISN would like to thank the ISN Interventional Nephrology Working Group, who elaborated this initiative, especially the Chair, Prof. Yong-Soo Kim.

Supported by an unrestricted educational grant by BD.